Available courses

This Conflict Management Training (CMT) module will introduce practical training tools, techniques, and strategies that managers and ministry leaders can use to help manage conflict effectively. CMT will provide participants with a process for handling conflict with leaders and peers that encourages shared solutions and builds constructive work relationships. Finally, this CMT module will assist in providing the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively turn around conflict situations in a clear, assertive and constructive manner.

Lessons in Discipleship & Leadership

This series is designed to groom and develop Christian disciples and Kingdom leaders – and in that order! To be a strong Christian leader one must first start with being a strong disciple of Jesus. A disciple is defined as a person who has made a lifetime commitment to order his or her life around Jesus.

This series engages you in making the connection between who you are as a disciple of Jesus and how you are walking as a leader. The Engagement Dashboard is a tool that allows you to gauge how well you are connected and aligned in five areas of your life: physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, and spiritual.

This series explores how a discipled leader, in turn, is to lead others. 

Connecting and growing in community begins with discernment. Christian leaders deeply long to know and to live out God’s plan for their lives as well as for the teams they are called to lead.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EMHS) is an OVERVIEW of important concepts and practical practices to help you begin your journey on an emotionally and spiritually healthy path. EMHS connects us to and develops our inner life with Jesus.  It enables us to understand our emotions and their impact on our spiritual life.  And finally, this course offers practical help for handling stress, building teams, and influencing others in positive ways.

Every believer is called to imitate Christ-a life-long practice of following Jesus known as “discipleship”. This course walks each participant through four specific roles of discipleship that emphasize learning, belonging, calling, and trusting. As Salvation Army soldiers and officers, discipleship is integral to every believer’s spiritual formation. Thankfully, by the grace of God, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and obedience to Scripture, every believer can answer the call of Jesus to follow him and live as faithful disciples.

The Salvation Army is committed to working with those who are willing to serve others and prepare them for training college.  Introduction to Leadership (ITL)  will challenge you to think outside of  the box when it comes to Leadership Development. Leadership is more than having a name, title or rank.  Leadership is how you influence, assess, relate and make meaning with those you encounter.

When studying the Bible, it can be tempting to think it is saying what we want it to say.  In order to really wrestle with the truth contained in its pages, we need a method that enables us to see the Bible with clear eyes. This course will prepare you to read the Bible with sensitivity to its message and how that message is conveyed. Once completed, you will also be more aware of how individual study can lead to Bible study in a group.